Swiss Transplantation Society Award


1. The Swiss Transplantation Society (STS) distributes Awards each year on the occasion of its annual Congress, thanks to the support of the Swiss Transplant Foundation and pharma companies. These awards honor the authors of the best publications by surgeons, physicians and scientists in the fields of transplantation and organ donation.


2. Articles are submitted by their first author (the applicant). The applicant or the senior author of the submitted article must be a member of the STS in good standing. The applicant must provide full contact details, including an e-mail address that will be used for all further correspondence.

3. Applicants can submit at most one clinical paper and one basic paper as first author, and are encouraged to submit only their best work.

4. Submitted articles must address a topic directly in the field of transplantation and be published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

5. Submitted articles must represent either the work of a group working in Switzerland, or the work of an individual from a Swiss group temporarily working abroad.

6. Review articles will not be considered for the award.

7. Only articles published the year preceding the STS Congress, or “in press” as of November 30 of the year preceeding the STS Congress are eligible for the award.


8. Applicants must apply by December 10 of the year preceding the annual Congress of the STS at the latest. Applications sent after that date will not be considered for the award.

9. Applicants must send their application online through the STS website.

10. Applications must be submitted as pdf files of the paper reprint for already published articles, or of the manuscript for “in press” articles, respectively. Articles with “in press” status must be accompanied by a copy of the letter of final acceptation from the Editor of the accepting journal.


11. Submitted articles will be scored on a 1 to 10 scale by all members of the Scientific Committee of the STS (the referees). The mean score will be calculated for each article.

12. Referees will NOT score articles submitted by a group of their own Institution or University.

13. Scoring will be finalized at the latest 2 weeks before the STS Congress.

14. The 6 highest-ranking articles will be invited for an oral presentation in a dedicated session of the annual Congress of the STS.

15. The oral presentation will be given by the applicant, i.e. the first author of the article. The Scientific Committee of the STS may allow to replace the presenter in particular and duly justified circumstances.

16. Referees attending the Congress will score again each presentation on a 1 to 5 scale. The mean score will be calculated for each oral presentation. Again, referees will NOT score articles submitted by a group of their own Institution or University.

17. The final ranking will be obtained by adding the scores achieved by the article and the oral presentation.

18. The best highest-ranking article-s will receive the Swiss Transplantation Award-s, which will be presented by the President of the STS during the gala dinner of the STS.

IMPORTANT: Please sum up all your documents in a single PDF file.

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These rules were updated and approved by the Scientific Committee of the Swiss Transplantation Society, Berne, March 16, 2020.