STS Excellence & Innovation Awards

Dear Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Swiss Transplantation Society (STS) is pleased to received your nominations for the:

STS Excellence Award 2024

and the

STS Innovation Award 2024


Both awards are financially supported by Astellas Pharma AG and will be distributed at the STS Annual Meeting in Thun, January 23-24,2025.

For the fifth time, the STS will again confer 2 awards, one STS Excellence Award, endowed with CHF 20’000.- and one STS Innovation Award with CHF 10’000.-.

An independent jury of experts will elect 2 award winners among eligible candidates who may be surgeons, physicians or other persons active in translational transplantation research as well as clinical practice within Switzerland. The STS Excellence Award shall be conferred to a person in the middle of his/her career, below 55 years of age, whereas the STS Innovation Award shall be conferred to a younger candidate, ≤ 40 years of age, with outstanding future potential. Based on age limits, candidates will automatically qualify for the STS Excellence Award only or for both, the STS Innovation and the STS Excellence Award. The same rules otherwise apply for all candidates (see enclosed rules) except that criteria 10.b), 10.c) and 10.d) of these rules will be double-weighted for the evaluation of the STS Innovation Award. The winners will be awarded as the representatives of a research group or project for outstanding scientific and/or clinical achievements. For details, please kindly take note of the “STS Excellence Award 2023 and the STS Innovation Award 2023" rules as below.

Nominations must be sent to the deadline until October 31, 2024 to the STS Secretariat office: – Mrs Nicole Giacomini – T 021 312 92 62. PLEASE USE THE FORM AS BELOW.

The Scientific Committee looks forward to receiving your nomination and remains at disposal for further information you may need.

With kind regards,

Prof. Hendrik Tevaearai, President of the STS             Dr Patrizia Amico, Chair of the scientific committee

STS 2024 Excellence and Innovation Awards - Rules for eligible candidates

STS 2024 - Nomination Form Excellence Award

STS 2024 - Nomination Form Innovation Award